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Time to get ready for Father's Day!

I love Father's Day so much! Honestly I used to dread it a bit only because I used to find it so hard to a good gift. A big part of it s that I have a wonderful Father, so it had to be meaningful. He doesn't wear ties and it is impossible to find a shirt that fits and looks the way he likes. He loves tools but I would never be able to pick one that he didn't have of the right quality without giving away the surprise.

Introducing a New Collection - Enameled color tie bars!

 Whenever I am looking for inspiration, (which is pretty much always!;)  I have found the best place to find it is at a bookstore! I found an awesome bookstore a few weeks ago that I fell in love with! So cozy with 2 cafes and an adorable gift shop attached to it! They had new and used books.

How to wear cuff links

Most men I talk to do not normally wear cuff links. They often wear suits to work but feel that cuff links should only be worn for a very special occasion like a wedding. Since they don't normally wear them I get a lot of questions about how to wear them on their wedding day or special occasion. I found a great article that does a great job of explaining every aspect of wearing cuff links and french cuffed shirts. 

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