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Time to get ready for Father's Day!

I love Father's Day so much! Honestly I used to dread it a bit only because I used to find it so hard to a good gift. A big part of it s that I have a wonderful Father, so it had to be meaningful. He doesn't wear ties and it is impossible to find a shirt that fits and looks the way he likes. He loves tools but I would never be able to pick one that he didn't have of the right quality without giving away the surprise.

Tie Bars for your little helpers or Ring Bearer(s)

These HAVE to be the cutest ring bearers that have ever possibly existed in the world right??! (I might be just a tiny bit biased because they are my boys) They were a big part of our wedding because we all were officially becoming a family and we wanted to make sure they understood that we were always going to stick together for always. 

Celebrate Pi Day with this new tie bar made just for the occasion!

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Introducing a New Collection - Enameled color tie bars!

 Whenever I am looking for inspiration, (which is pretty much always!;)  I have found the best place to find it is at a bookstore! I found an awesome bookstore a few weeks ago that I fell in love with! So cozy with 2 cafes and an adorable gift shop attached to it! They had new and used books.

This customer - MADE MY DAY

This wonderful customer just completely MADE MY DAY  by taking the time to send me this incredible feedback and reminding me why I love to do what I do!

Patterned Sand - Brass Tie Bar!

New Customer Photos

I really love receiving photos from customers that show how they wear my tie bars! Both pictured below are 1" tie bars the first one is silver and inscribed with my calligraphy 1/3" font and the second is brass...







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