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Woven Ocean Earrings

I am so excited about these pictures of these new earrings! She looks so pretty with them on! Her dark hair really makes them pop :) But they are big enough, (and still lightweight) to be noticed with any color of hair! I didn't get a picture of just the earrings alone because I wasn't planning on making another pair. But I love how they look so much that I think I will! And I will post more pictures when I finish them.

Day 7 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

Most of my sales are online or through word of mouth and sometimes I don't make time for shows which is sad because I really enjoy doing shows and especially in home parties! So on Day 6 of this project I have decided to make some earrings! I love how they all turned out looking a bit bohemian which is perfect for the weather to start getting sunny again! I made them with plated silver wire and plated silver premade earring wires instead of my signature sterling silver handforged french earwires to keep the cost down.

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