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Day 10 - Create Everyday for 365 days Proje

Only 355 days more to go! 

I think this keychain turned out even prettier than I expected! 

Day 9 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

I just love how this daughter necklace turned out! The new piece is the daughter necklace.  I was actually brainstorming what the coordinating daughter necklace for this recent mother necklace I made should look like when a customer asked me if I could make one for her young daughter!  I inscribed her nickname on the center of it and added a tag onto the back that says, "love you" to make it so personalized and special! I am really excited to come up with  more mother &/or daughter necklaces! 

Day 4 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

Well the good news is that I have been holding to my goal of creating something everyday! Only problem is that I need to get better at remembering to photograph and post about each thing I make! 

Here is what I made on Day 4. Some more Mother's necklace pendants 

This one says "Mom I love you" on the disc and "to the moon & back" on the crescent moon shape!

Day 3 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

Only 2 days into the project and I already forgot to post what I made yesterday on Day 3! I guess the important thing is that I did create something new yesterday. And so far this project has been really help me focus on new designs.

I decided to focus on Mother's yesterday because Mother's Day is coming up soon and feel like of all the holidays it is one of the most important to really give a gift thoughtful gift! I made 2 new necklace and sketched quite a few other ideas! 

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