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Neckties with a hidden message!

I love this idea! If you look close all of JTaga Ties have a symbol hidden in the design that has a special meaning. Each tie comes with a card explaining the meaning. 

Personal gift idea for those classy men in your life!

Oooooh I love these Cyberoptix AlphabeTIES matched up with my "Tiffany & Co" style Monogrammed Sterling Silver Tie Bars - What an awesome personalized gift pairing!

Jewelry has meaning

Jewelry has meaning - especially when men wear it.

You can’t get away from this.  Despite it taking up only a tiny percent of your visual presentation, people zero in on jewelry thanks to its flash and uncommon usage by men.

Avoid Ostentatious Styles.  It’s hard to repeat this point often enough.  Keep anything metallic small and sleek.

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