Time to get ready for Father's Day!

I love Father's Day so much! Honestly I used to dread it a bit only because I used to find it so hard to a good gift. A big part of it s that I have a wonderful Father, so it had to be meaningful. He doesn't wear ties and it is impossible to find a shirt that fits and looks the way he likes. He loves tools but I would never be able to pick one that he didn't have of the right quality without giving away the surprise. One time I was really really stuck and so I got him one of the aforementioned items and then to make up for the lack of a good idea, I wrote him a very long card. That is when I found out that he actually prefers I write him a thoughtful long-winded card than buy him any gift at all. Then one day I learned how to inscribe metal, then how to solder and cut it. Ever since then I haven't had a hard time finding a gift for him at all because I can combine a thoughtful card and something he can use in one. I have made him inscribed keychains, bottle openers, guitar picks, a money clip, a framed metal plaque, golf ball markers, a divot repair tool, I have inscribed tools and grilling utensils. The cool thing about all these gifts is that they are cards that last and I can give him another of any of the gifts I already have and just put a different inscription on it and he will love it! 

I have some things already made and up in the shop in the Father's Day section. I will be adding a lot more this week and of course I am always taking custom design orders! See below some sketches for one custom order request as well as some of what I already have up for sale! Items that are in stock ship within 24 hours! 



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