Tie Bars for your little helpers or Ring Bearer(s)

These HAVE to be the cutest ring bearers that have ever possibly existed in the world right??! (I might be just a tiny bit biased because they are my boys) They were a big part of our wedding because we all were officially becoming a family and we wanted to make sure they understood that we were always going to stick together for always. 

One of the gifts we gave them to make them feel like, "one of the men", (all boys love to be little men!) are tie bars, I inscribed the back with their name, (you can order yours here). We dressed them like little newsboys so it seemed to fit with their attire for me to make them vintage watch movement tie bars. And also their tie bars matched my husband's because I actually gave him one on our very first date because he had looked at my website and said it was his favorite piece of mine because he loves watches so much. And had also mentioned he was going to be bringing me a small gift. Funny thing is, he never had the clothes to wear it before our wedding day. That actually ended up being kind of sweeter than if he had worn it everyday since the day I gave it to him, because it was almost as if the tie bar from our first date's fate was always to be worn on our wedding day! 

Now the boys have the tie bars in special boxes. Surprisingly boys love sentimental keepsakes just as much as little girls do. They have worn them occasionally because they also really like dressing up in their fancy clothes, that isn't just for girls either. I made them some more tie bars to wear for school pictures too - so they are gathering a nice little collection. The really cool thing is that their tie bars are the same size as adult skinny tie bars so when they get older they can still wear them! 

So keep in mind when browsing my site, that all my 1" tie bars can also be worn as children's tie bars. I can inscribe them with anything you would like and they can be kept to be used again when they are adults one day!

Credits - Suspenders: suspendersinstock.com White Shirts and Grey Pants: childrensplace.com Caps: lids.com Tie Bars: purelypaige.com Photography: kimnowellphotography.com Neck Ties: ties.com


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nice one

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