Introducing a New Collection - Enameled color tie bars!

 Whenever I am looking for inspiration, (which is pretty much always!;)  I have found the best place to find it is at a bookstore! I found an awesome bookstore a few weeks ago that I fell in love with! So cozy with 2 cafes and an adorable gift shop attached to it! They had new and used books.

 I have this annoying complex from my ridiculously wonderful and selfless mother that makes it hard for me to buy new things for myself. I always seem to need some sort of urging from someone to feel ok about getting something I don't need. If no one is around and I want something really bad, I do this thing where I buy it and show it to someone to see if they will think it is worth it to keeping which usually it is if I actually bought it. Well this adorable homey bookstore had this incredible METALWORKING section. This section is usually small or non existent in other book stores. But this place had 4 shelves full of books I had NEVER seen. I looked at every single one. By the time I had been through them all I had a stack of 6 I was trying to choose from with each costing about 30.00. After a few hours of trying to narrow it down, I ended up putting them all back and buying some really great lovey books for my kids, which I can always justify doing!

 But I kept thinking about those books. So I told my sweetheart, and one day he told me to take him to that bookstore and pick out some books on him! He is too generous at times so he probably would have bought all 6 books for me. But I also have trouble spending other people's money on myself. So I finally decided on one! I read the whole book in the bath, (so as not to be interrupted) when we got home. It was a great book that made me want to buy all the supplies the book explored immediately!

 One of the cool things I learned about in the new book was how to enamel jewelry. My first try at it and look at the beautiful tie bars I made! I had no idea enamel was so beautiful! The finish is so smooth and glassy if applied correctly and it naturally domes a little which looks really cool on tie bars. I didn't purposely leave the edges showing the metal a little but I reeally like how that happened! I can't wait to experiment more with enamels!

I currently only have enameled mini tie bars up for sale on the site but I can make them any size you would like, just message me! 


And check out how cool the Robins Egg Blue enamel turned out on these Guitar Pick Cuff links! 

What should I make next?


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